Lynn Shi
Broker & Loans


Broker & Mortgage Officer

Why do people buy houses? Roof over one's head? A tax shelter? Maybe for investment? Getting to a good school disctrict? Perhaps a little bit of everything. But the most important reason is that a house is where you can hang your hat.

I feel privileged to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where one finds excellent weather, assorted terrains suitable for various activities, abundant career opportunities, and a diverse population that represents the four corners of the world. Properties in the Bay Area therefore really sell themselves. I see my role in the real estate transactions as that of a consultant and negotiator - almost none of a salesperson. Maximizing and protecting my client´┐Żs best interest is my number one goal, achieved through specialized knowledge, honed negotiation skills, developed people skills, and innate diligence & persistence, and last but not the least, uncompromising integrity.

Broker Owner
DRE# 01391747
NMLS# 307413

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